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Sara Trojan

Sara Trojan


Sara Trojan is a Sheridan, WY native who developed a passion for the beef industry as she grew-up working on her family’s commercial cow/calf operation, which she still maintains involvement with.

She earned a bachelor’s in animal science from Oklahoma State University in 2004, a master’s in animal science from Kansas State University in 2006, and a doctorate in animal nutrition from Oklahoma State University in 2009.  Sara was on faculty at South Dakota State University for 2 years before joining faculty at Texas Tech in 2011. While at Texas Tech, Sara established a research program in ruminant nutrition, with a strong emphasis on incorporating sorghum-based feeds into growing and finishing rations for beef cattle.  Sara also developed a program in beef cattle grazing systems research, based-on low-water use forages. At Texas Tech, Sara teaches Feeds and Feeding, Stocker and Feedlot Management, Ruminant Nutrition and Animal Protein and Energy Utilization.

Sara and her husband Brandon are moving back to Wyoming in 2016 in order to be more directly involved in the family ranching operation.  She will continue her career in Beef Technical Services and Brandon will join a private practice urology group. She and her husband have a two-year old daughter, Katie.