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Robby Bondurant

Robby Bondurant


Robby grew up in central Florida developing a passion for the beef industry as a young child. This led him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in animal science from the University of Florida. He completed an internship with a large stocker, cow/calf, and farming operation in Texas, where his passion for the beef industry exponentially increased.

Robby fostered his desire to learn more about the industry by completing a master’s degree in Ruminant Nutrition from West Texas A&M, focusing on feedlot cattle nutrition. Upon completion of his master’s, he continued working for the Texas ranch where he gained new experiences and insights into the world of beef.

Still unsure of what he did and did not know, he moved to Nebraska to pursue a Ph.D. in ruminant nutrition from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he can still be found. Robby also maintains the role of Research Coordinator for the UNL group, managing beef cattle research projects and the associated data, which is used for scientific publication and producer knowledge.

Robby enjoys working in the agriculture industry, not only for love of beef cattle, but mainly for the love of the people it employs. He works first hand with management techniques and technologies to produce a quality, safe product for consumers to enjoy. His hope is to educate others through his beliefs, experiences, and knowledge via Credible Beef!