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Know Your Rangeland for Better Beef Production

Its remarkable how high quality beef can be produced from low quality forages across the expansive, semi-arid rangelands of the world. Understanding our grazing lands is one of the most important things we can do as beef producers. Sustainable beef production in the... read more

Beef Systems in Developing Countries

Agriculturists are well-aware the world’s population growth is expected to rise exponentially as global population advances to around 9 billion people by 2050. The majority of this growth will occur in developing countries, with Africa and Asia projected to experience... read more

Even Democrats Eat Beef

The rift between conservative and liberal ideology seems as wide as ever. No doubt the divide is exacerbated by the current election year, but in reality, there are a myriad of issues that keep the lines between political ideologies clearly defined and significantly... read more

Sharing the Beef Story

  I recently had the opportunity to attend the range beef cow symposium held in Fort Collins, CO. Many topics were discussed; sustainability, animal welfare, ranch profitability, new technology in beef production, environmental stewardship, and a number of other... read more

Challenges of the Sustainability of the Beef Industry

The beef industry has taken the charge to evaluate “sustainability” of the business, indicating there are economic, environmental, and social aspects to the term.  For most, it is intuitive that ranchers who have been raising cattle for decades are “sustainable”... read more

The Natural Beef Dilemma

Natural beef is not more wholesome than conventionally produced beef. Since a demand for non-conventional beef products exists, however, there are incentives for producers to raise and sell their beef through natural branded marketing labels. At first glance, this... read more


Like any successful business manager, ranchers must always adapt and re-evaluate their management techniques to improve on the past. I’m not saying change is always inherently good; often times I’m surprised to find that a “new” method is only new in the repackaged... read more

Food Safety’s Best Friend

The recent food safety issues covered by the national media of a popular fast food chain, reminded me of my days in the meat science lab at North Dakota State, where I learned the basics of food safety. The meat science lab is not as scary as it sounds… we didn’t make... read more