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Anna Taylor

Anna Taylor


Anna Taylor is from a small hobby farm in western North Dakota where she grew up working at her parent’s agriculture equipment dealership, showing horses, rodeoing, and playing sports.

She graduated from South Dakota State University with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. Her success as an undergraduate, as well as her growing vision, led her to pursue a master’s degree focused on reproductive physiology & immunology, and then a doctorate in ruminant nutrition & meat science focusing on fetal programming in beef cattle. This relatively new field of research evaluated the impacts of maternal undernutrition during mid-gestation on offspring gene expression, health, growth, and carcass traits. Her extensive study of beef continued as a post-doctoral student in beef feedlot nutrition.

Currently, Anna is a Beef Nutrition & Global Technology Deployment Manager for Cargill Animal Nutrition, where she conducts research to enhance beef cattle production. She travels all over the nation giving presentations and consulting with industry producers. Anna is one of the great contributors that lends credibility to